My Bio for Your Reading Pleasure

I was born and raised in Cumberland, MD, a small town in the mountains of Western Maryland. I have two younger brothers. After twelve long years in Catholic School, I attended Frostburg State University, where I originally was a pharmacy major. After taking organic chemistry, I decided that the whole pharmacy thing might not be for me after all.


I switched my major to Mass Communications with a minor in public relations. Upon graduation, I got wrapped into the whole .com bubble of the early 2000s and rode the tide of a spectacular flameout of, my first real employer. I managed to survive the acquisition cuts and worked for for another five years.


After my stint in the .com world, I took a position with Discovery Communications in the Education division. It was a cool way to work with educators nationwide and help them make teaching fun again through a variety of cutting edge services.


I’ve also worked for Discovery in the New Media division, assisting the producers of content for the TLC, Discovery Health Channel, and Turbo websites. It was a great experience to see the work that I’ve helped complete actually go live on the websites and see online tosses to the sites during programming on the networks.


I am now working with Discovery’s Education division again and handle school district accounts, ensuring that they renew their business and that service questions are answered.


I am also attending grad school at West Virginia University. I anticipate graduation in early 2009 with a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.

My wife and I currently reside in Gaithersburg, MD with our beagle mix Elvis.

For a truly awful online experience, be sure to visit my website, The Matthew Seward Roadshow. It will make you long for simpler times when the telegraph reigned as king.


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