The Androids are Coming! The Androids are Coming! Should Apple Buy Robot Insurance?

They’re coming. Androids are about to invade the U.S. Some estimates show that the numbers could top 1.5 million. Of course, I’m talking about Google’s expansion into the mobile market with the launch of its Android phone on the T-Mobile G1 platform. But this invasion may be just the beginning.

Should Apple be running for the hills and stocking up on robot insurance like we see here in this dramatic clip?  Only time will tell.

The biggest potential for marketers that could come from the invasion depends on whether Google can multiply the number of Android mobile devices.  If so, the company could establish dominance, but, more importantly, a solid framework upon which additional advertising and search could be built consistently.  This would be a major improvement over the fragmented market for mobile devices today.  This would greatly enhance the possibilities for new marketing and advertising frontiers because it’s much easier to build out something that is more widely adopted and consistent.  No other mobile device currently integrates like this.

B2B Magazine reported that the next step for Google could further rewrite mobile marketing rule books.  Beyond mobile , Google could offer additional ad-supported, and potentially free, access to information via a variety of platforms including Web and mobile.  Free offerings benefit the consumer, but, also provide marketers with additional details to build out more robust consumer profiles.   This results in much more targeted marketing that breaks through the clutter.

Ultimately, the issue becomes one of how much consumer information collected via these means is too much.  However, consumers are often willing to provide some information for a tangible benefit.  In this case, if mobile Internet access, search, targeted search results and more becomes available for free in exchange for some consumer information that is disclosed to the end consumer as it’s collected, it could be a win-win.


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