Shine It Up Real Nice…Your Online Sales Depend on It

The importance of polished, professional looking web design has been repeated time and time again in the marketing realm. Research shows that consumers tend to purchase from, and have greater trust in, websites that are professionally designed, present transaction security confirmation, etc. Additionally, providing post-purchase tracking information and order confirmations via e-mail is important. Otherwise, consumers can think that the order wasn’t placed properly and credit card data is floating around in an online black hole.

I’m currently in the market for a new watch. I’ve been doing some comparison shopping online and was once again reminded of the importance of professional web design. While design that isn’t as flawless as most professional sites may not be an indication of a website that is any less secure or trustworthy, aesthetics definitely play a role in influencing my purchase.

I’m looking to purchase a watch in the $200 range, so, the watch isn’t high end but costs enough to warrant the need for a seemingly trustworthy retailer from which to buy. After doing an online search, I was presented with a variety of retailer results, including many who incorporated SEO and paid advertising marketing strategies to improve results and traffic.

The first site I clicked into was found via a Google ad. I personally feel that the look of the site, despite having security and Better Business Bureau online seals prominently displayed, didn’t look as professional as sites like, which also had the watch I was looking at, for the same price. Maybe it’s the way the page was laid out or the way links to products were presented, but the first site didn’t gain my trust. It just felt cluttered or somehow unofficial. It almost has a more amateur feel than and others. See samples below of Amazon vs. the other site:

Ultimately, Amazon will probably win when deciding the site from which I purchase my watch. I’m sure positive brand equity and previous experience with the site helps to enhance the clean, polished product presentation made on Amazon’s website. Even with the other website’s marketing offer promise of free shipping and a free Swiss army knife with purchase, I just wasn’t comfortable with providing my credit card information.

This online buying excursion reminded me of the importance of maintaining a polished look. But, really, in the business world, I think this is a common sentiment that is also something I was raised to believe. As my dad would say, have a polished look, maintain eye contact, smile, and have a firm hand shake to market yourself.


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