Quality (Control) Is Job 1

Keepin’ it real…at least, that’s what marketers should be doing when it comes to message claims made in online content.  Many brands are now reaching out to customers through contests and online platforms to solicit feedback on products and services and drive the creative forces behind thriving as well as whithering brands that could use a boost. 

Having recently visited the Ford Mustang website that allows consumers to submit video content to be judged for the chance to win a 2010 Ford Mustang, I was reminded of the old Ford marketing slogan that “Quality is Job 1.” 

In the world of new media as part of integrated marketing campaigns, this is especially true.  While the submissions to the site remain a bit sparse as of late, the content that is there has clearly been checked for quality, positive brand equity, and accuracy of claims by Ford.

It has become so easy for anyone to say anything about anyone else–brands and companies included– online that having an online presence requires dedicated quality control.  Not a fan of Sarah Palin? Head on over to Wikipedia or your favorite blog and sound off! It’s been repeated over and over again that companies should be monitoring online outlets for feedback from consumers and see what sentiments are about brands in general, but, as online video and other interactive components continue to be introduced into the marketing mix, it’s even more important.  This is especially true when the consumer-submitted content is part of an official company campaign. 

This is where integrated campaigns that try and incorporate new media just to say that it’s being done can be more of a liability than an asset.  If you don’t have the resources to actively monitor blog postings, consumer submissions, etc., etc. to official corporate sites, it may be best to think twice before entering this realm.  It’s the same as starting a corporate blog just to say your company has one and then rarely, if ever, updating it.  Stale content can give the perception that your brand and company are stale as well, and who wants that?


One Response to “Quality (Control) Is Job 1”

  1. this mustang is kool i want one of my own lol

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