When New Media Integrated Marketing Communications Aren’t Integrated – Can You Hear Me Now? Part Un

Several days ago I decided that we needed to get basic landline telephone service connected so that we can get an alarm installed in our new home. So, I decided to see what Verizon offered online as far as services and packages, as they were recommended over competitors by the alarm company. This is because true landline service is generally more reliable than VoIP and other digital technology when it comes to generating false alarms. Funny how word-of-mouth marketing works when it comes to steering me toward a particular product or service!

When I visited the Verizon website, I was pleasantly surprised to find a relatively straightforward presentation that guided me through residential versus business services and then allowed me to choose between phone, Internet, cable, etc. to begin the service purchasing process. Being able to complete all of this online reminded me of marketing services that will probably become obsolete in the future, and, live customer service came to mind as I easily navigated through the packages offered by Verizon with no human interaction. Even if human interaction were necessary, this site, as well as many others I’ve visited lately, offer an online chat feature that still makes hearing a human voice a thing of the past.

Here is a sample of the straightforward presentation of phone options that I encountered on Verizon’s website:

I was psyched to be able to order my basic phone service, that totaled less than fifty dollars for the set up and first month, without any assistance from humans at all. No upselling marketing tactics, no pitches for other services that I already have, etc. I didn’t even have to make contact via chat! I received my confirmation number, which was also going to be e-mailed to me and received a confirmation that a technician would arrive three days after I’d placed my order, between 8am and 5pm, to make sure service was set up.

Thanks to new media and online marketing, the need to deal with live humans was a thing of the past! Now, I just had to confirm that I’d be working from home while I waited for the phone company to arrive, and I was set. From ordering phone service completely online to being able to find phone numbers witout leafing through giant yellow books, marketing via new media seemed grand, and simplified my life, or, so I thought.


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